No. However your GP may give you a referral containing relevant information to aid in your treatment process. If you are eligible for the Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) Program, a referral from your GP with a Care Plan is essential. Once on this program, your will receive a rebate from Medicare Australia for five (5) Osteopathic treatments per calendar year. We have the facilities at our clinic to make an instant claim. Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) patients require a referral in order for their claim to be processed.
A podiatrist is a university qualified, registered healthcare professional who can assess, diagnose, manage and treat foot and lower limb conditions. These conditions include musculoskeletal injuries, skin conditions, sporting injuries, foot arthritis, paediatric foot problems, the effects of chronic disease on lower limbs and feet along with many other injuries and ailments related to the feet and lower limbs
Bring any paperwork or radiographic examinations (i.e. CT scans, x-rays, MRI’s, ultrasounds) pertaining to your condition you may have, as well as your Health Fund card if you are a member and can claim for your visit. If you are eligible for the Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) Program, please bring a copy of your documentation.

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No referral needed!