The glutes are the powerhouse of the lower body, designed to be powerful to produce true base force for the legs and torso. Weak glutes can lead to a ton of red flags 🚩 such as :

❌ Increased risk of lower body injury

❌ Poor posture

❌ Bad running form

❌ Poor balance

❌ Diminished power and strength

The glutes should be one of your most frequently trained muscle groups. And I’m not just talking squats and deadlifts. You need isolated glute work: bridges, side steps, clams, leg extensions, glute raises. The combination of strength work (squats, deadlifts, lunges) and isolated glute work will build strong and powerful glutes, which in return will:

✅ Reduce risk of low body injury

✅ Increase lower body strength & power

✅ Improve balance

✅ Improve posture and more!

Check in on these 4 red flags for weak glutes and determine where you stand. Chances are your glutes need some more work. Posterior chain training can be done several times a week. Simply add them to any training day, 1-3 exercises is all you’ll need to make a REAL difference.

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  1. Josephanymn

    i have weak glutes

  2. Ronnielax

    I thought a lot of that stuff was genetic or bad legs but i guess im wrong and its pretty interesting all that medical stuff cause i play a lot of footy

  3. jojohn

    what happens if you overtrain glutes?

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